Value: $130,000 +
Client: Buildcorp/GID
Market: Commercial
Date: 2020

Electrocom Solutions is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract for the communications infrastructure utilising a Systimax C6A Solution for the Productivity Commission new Melbourne office at 2 Melbourne Quarter Docklands.

The Productivity Commission was created as an independent authority by an Act of Parliament in 1998, to replace the Industry Commission, Bureau of Industry Economics, and the Economic Planning Advisory Commission. However, its roots go deeper, to the establishment of the Industries Assistance Commission in 1974 (which itself replaced the Australian Tariff Board) and, later, the Industry Commission in 1989.


The Commission produces four main streams of work:

Public inquiries and research studies requested by government
The Commission provides the opportunity for all points of view in the community to be heard and considered through written submissions and attendance at hearings, workshops and other forums.

Self-initiated research and annual reporting on productivity, industry assistance and regulation
The supporting research of the Commission provides high quality, policy-relevant information, analysis and advice to governments and the community.

Performance monitoring and benchmarking and other services to government bodies
The Commission provides secretariat and research support to the intern-governmental Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision which reports on Government Service Provision and Indigenous wellbeing and expenditure.

Competitive Neutrality Complaints
Competitive neutrality policies aim to promote efficient competition between public and private businesses. Specifically, they seek to ensure that government businesses do not enjoy competitive advantages over their private sector competitors simply by virtue of their public sector ownership.

We look forward to working with GID to deliver a successful project.



Posted on

October 8, 2020